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Beautiful skin is a healthy skin. It is a combination of your nutrition, your water intake, your fitness and your skincare regimen

Kristina Skincare offers non-invasive anti-aging treatments for healthy and rejuvenating skin. Combination of different modalities and techniques with clinical skincare products deliver powerful results. Kristina Skincare carries two clinical lines of products: Skinscript and Elina Organics and to get beautiful results Kristina uses different modalities during treatments, such as diamond tip microdermabrasion, dermafile (microdermabrasion natural alternative), vacuum machine, high frequency for blemishes and anti-aging benefits, microcurrent, facial cupping, skin spatula (soft peeling device that provides deep cleansing through ultrasound vibration and product penetration), facial massage for muscles relaxation and blood circulation increase.

Elina Organics Facial (Customized) - $85 (60-75 min)

Elina Organics Face, Neck and Decollete Treatment - $100 (90min)

Elina Organics Restoring Deep Rejuvenation Facial - $90

Skinscript Customized Facial basic - $45 (30-45 min)

Skinscript Customized Advanced Facial - $80 (60-75 min)

Microdermabrasion - $60 (30 min)

Microcurrent Treatment - $70 (60 min), $40 (30 min), series available

Facial Massage - $60 (60 min), $30 (30 min), series available
Facial Cupping Facelift treatment - $60 (60 min), $30 (30min), series available

Chemical peel (lactic, glycolic, TCA), natural peels (mandelic and salicylic peels). Series of 6 is recommended. You are expected to purchase pre/postcare to accelerate skin healing.  


Peel booster - $20

Microdermabrasion/Dermafile - $25

Eye Treatment - $20

Waxing Services:

Eyebrow - $15

Lip - $10

Chin - $10

Underarm - $15

Bikini line- $25

Back wax - $35+

Eyebrow & Lash Service

Augenblick, Berrywell - expressive eyebrow and eyelash colors with a long-lasting effect

Eyebrow design - $40 (includes tweezing,threading, shaping, tinting, brow makeup) - Eyebrow correction first visit, $30 - monthly maintenance (every 3-4 weeks)

Eyebrow Tinting - $20

Lash Tinting - $30

Lash and Eyebrow Tinting - $40


Prices are subject to change without notice. 








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