Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping  is a technique used to help brighten lusterless skin, tighten sagging areas, move congested lymph, soften wrinkles and discourage the formation of new ones.

The process exercises the cutaneous layer of the skin and fights aging by attacking flaccidity, expression lines, dehydration and poor circulation. The epidermis absorption capabilities of topical serums and masks are increased significantly during the treatment. 

The suction strengthen the dermis of the face by correcting circulation deficiencies and stimulating fibroblasts to increase production of collagen and improve elasticity. It breaks up facial scar tissue, reduces swelling, detoxifies and makes a youthful appearance without Botox. It is a safe alternative to cosmetic surgery with no traumatic side effects, there is no "downtime" 

The muscles of the face benefit greatly from reduced tension and tightness , easing expression lines and loosening the rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorders. Facial color will improve by increased circulation. Eyelids are lifted and sagging double chins are minimized. The drainage of stagnant fluids reduces puffiness. 

The results are: tighten and bright skin, improved circulation and skin nutrition, wrinkles are diminished. 

The results are cumulative, visible after one treatment, but series is recommended. Once/twice a week for the first few weeks and monthly maintenance treatments later. 

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