Facial Massage and Techniques

Why is facial massage is important? Benefits of facial massage are: 

- blood circulation improvement                  - skin nourishment

- light exfoliation of top layer of the skin

- collagen stimulation                                   - detoxification 

- relaxation of muscles and connective tissue

-overall relaxation

As a result your skin feels and looks younger, becomes healthier and silky. Our wrinkles are forming due muscle activity. Every time we smile, laugh, frown, there is a contraction of the facial muscles, with time that is causing wrinkles to appear. Regular massage sessions  (started in earlier years) are an alternative to injections and plastic surgery later on to fight aging more naturally. 

Facial massage is an anti-aging preventative treatment  and recommended to be done in series of 10-12 sessions. It is an effective natural treatment that provides lifting effect and cell regeneration, improves skin tone, diminishes fine lines and stimulates collagen. Each session includes cleansing, hot towel, massage, moisturiser. 

 Face Hiromassage is the Spanish technique that was created in 20th century by the Spanish doctor. Hiromassage is a special modality that incorporates various techniques of classical and oriental massage systems. It combines working on nervous, muscular and vascular systems with using fingers, fingertips and palms. After one session your skin is more hydrated, rejuvenated and you feel a lifting effect.

Some of the benefits: restoration of oval face, increase skin elasticity, nutrition and hydration, oxygenation, activation of cell regeneration, removal of muscle fatigue, elimination of toxins, relaxation, muscle toning, lymph drainage. 

Hiromassage is the natural way to fight aging.

  Plastic Facial massage - is another technique that has been used in skincare for skin rejuvenation. This technique helps to restore the face oval, to lift facial contours, reduce puffiness and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and provides lifting.

Some of results: lifting eyebrows, diminish the lines around mouth and eyes, working with double chin, reduce puffiness, muscle tension relief.

Facial Cupping - the modality to brighten lusterless skin, tighten sagging areas, to provide lymph drainage, soften wrinkles, to improve skin tone. For more info, please go to Facial Cupping page.





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